Take the Covid-19 Readiness Recovery Assessment:

How Ready Are You?

This assessment is to help us understand the major challenges manufacturers are facing as a result of this health pandemic and focus resources to help you address and overcome those challenges. We know that all manufacturers have been impacted one way or another, with the severity ranging from completely shutting down operations to the extreme opposite where output cannot keep up with demand. This tool will help you identify immediate and long-term needs and solutions. No matter where your company is on the path towards recovery, we are here to help and guide you along the way. Complete this brief form and we will follow-up with you in the coming days to schedule the online assessment.

In the meantime, we encourage you to meet with your leadership team to discuss who in the company should participate in the assessment. This small amount of prep work will help accelerate the process. These individuals should be key leaders, managers and supervisors from various areas of the business. Here is a video message answering the following questions: Who in my company should take the assessment and why? What are the next steps?

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Who We Are:

As the state’s most complete full-service manufacturing consultant and dedicated MEP Center, Missouri Enterprise is here to partner with manufacturers in the Show-Me State to guide them through this recovery and beyond. Missouri Enterprise is the go-to resource for supporting and strengthening manufacturing in Missouri.

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