Marketing Tools for Manufacturers Webinar

This webinar will show you how to remain engaged online and virtually by utilizing FREE marketing tools. Experts tell us that marketing is even more important than ever during the health pandemic—we all need to stay relevant and let our customers know that we are still making and selling products the world wants. Missouri Enterprise’s COO and marketing expert Stacey Marler and AIM’s Ray McCarty will dive into these easy-to-use marketing tools. Simply fill out the brief form to the right to access the FREE webinar. 

More about the Webinar

Does simply having a website mean your phone is going to ring?  Are you touching your prospects and current clients often enough, in the right sequence, or sending the right message?  Are your customers on social media?  We will share some simple tips to get your company into the digital age as well as explore free tools like "Google My Business". 

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