Missouri Enterprise's Covid-19 Manufacturing Network

The medical community needs personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect their healthcare workforce who are treating patients with COVID-19. Saving lives is our number one mission.

This invitation is for manufacturers who want to connect with one another to help meet the medical supply chain gap. Join Missouri Enterprise's Covid19 Manufacturing Network and start sharing best practices, where to source materials, etc. Simply fill out this brief form. You will then be added to the group and be able to connect with other Missouri manufacturers and organizations stepping up to meet the challenge. If you are READY to SELL PPEs now to the medical community, be sure to register on the state's PPE Marketplace. If you are READY to SELL PPEs now to other businesses and consumers, join our Covid-19 Reopening Products & Services Directory. It's FREE!

You can also start connecting with hospitals and nursing homes now to inquire about their needs:

Missouri Hospitals by County

Missouri Nursing Home Directory

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