"Working with Millennials" Webinar

Missed our Recruiting & Retaining Millennial Workshops? No worries! We took away the highlights from our sessions held throughout the state with manufacturers and millennial workers, including the major questions asked by employers and the answers from  millennials about what drives their employment decisions --  and wrapped it up into a webinar for you to learn from the comforts of your office.  Below is a sneak peak of the full one-hour presentation. 

More about the Webinar

After visiting his son at his new job working for Amazon in Seattle, Missouri Enterprise’s  Bob Beckmann  realized why manufacturers and other companies alike, were struggling with workforce issues. They were missing the mark when understanding what drives this younger generation in terms of employment decisions. Bob has since researched the topic in depth and created a national presentation to share with the business community. 

Click on the video below to see a sneak peak of the presentation. To view the full one-hour session, simply fill out the brief form.

The webinar on millennial workers covers:

  • Why is the makeup of your workforce becoming more important?
  • What are the groups that currently make up the USA workforce?
  • What defines a millennial?
  • What drives millennials?
  • Review of millennials wants and needs.
  • How to appeal to and hire millennials.
  • Changes to your operation that would keep the millennial workforce from leaving.