Workplace Wellness Webinar

Often, when we think of an organization’s health, financial outlook statements and viability often come to mind. It’s less likely we consider how the organization supports employee health. As we face a global health crisis, it is more important than ever to create a culture of wellness that encourages and promotes the well-being of your employees. Fill out this brief form to access this FREE webinar. 

More about the Webinar

Workplace wellness means implementing ways for employees to be healthier at the workplace and helping them create healthy habits in both their personal and professional lives, which improves their productivity. In fact, a 2015 study cited by Forbes claims that happier employees were more productive in the workplace than their less-happy counterparts. On average, happier employees were 12% more productive. Some of the happier employees even had scores of being up to 20% more productive. In this webinar, our organizational training and development expert, April Schmidt, will discuss various ways companies like you can create a culture of wellness. At a time when we are reaching full-employment, your company needs to find ways to stand out above the competition. Wellness is important to the workforce --which means implementing more of it can be a powerful recruitment tactic. 

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